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Legal Design Roundtable

Date : 27/04/2019 14:00 > 18:00

Dark patterns are choice architectures used by many websites and apps to maliciously nudge users towards a decision that they would not have made if properly informed. Regrettably, dark patterns have become widespread also in the area of data protection, where users are de facto forced to accept intrusive privacy settings, because of the way the information is framed and privacy choices presented by website’s operators.


Lunch-causerie 29 avril 2019 | BVA-ABA

Date : 29/04/2019

Cable re/transmissions have been the subject of debate(and litigation) for as long as we can remember. The harmonised regime of mandatory collective management of rights (since the SatCab Directive 93/83) has raised complex questions relating to the notion of “cable retransmission”, in particular in relation to the technique of “direct injection”.


Breakfast at Stefany's by DALDEWOLF : Strategic partnerships & internationalization: What scale-ups & SMEs need to know to make it abroad

Date : 14/05/2019 8h30

Proactive reasons to incorporate internationalization into the business strategy of scale-ups and SMEs are numerous and range from taking advantage of the growth and development of other markets and the possibility to increase sales, to moving some activities to more competitive regions or access capital to enable the business to scale and grow.


Breakfast at Stefany's : Structuration immobilière du dirigeant : aspects civils et fiscaux

Date : 21/05/2019 8h30